Worship Continues

  • Virtual Component – Access via Facebook Live from Emory  Church Facebook Page at 10:00 every Sunday on the personal facebook page for Stephen Smith (Virtual Worship will continue even when we resume gathering in the sanctuary.) Please call the church office and ask for the Zoom Conference call in number. You can listen to our worship message from your phone every Sunday at 10:00.
  • Limited Face-to-face Component to be added in the future, when allowed.


Health and Safety are a top priority.  When we are allowed to return to our building and hold limited-space face-to-face services, we will:

  • Follow CDC and Harford County Health Department Guidance.
  • Limit the number of people in the building to 50 people or less.
  • Adhere to strict compliance with social distancing and wearing masks at all times.
  • Eliminate nursery and Sunday School classes and programs until CDC guidance permits us to resume.  Children will be required to remain with parents at all times.
  • Remove all hymnals, bibles, and all other items normally found in the pew racks. There will be no singing by the choir or by the congregation.
  • Designate seating. Families may sit together in designated space in the open area of the church in the rear.
  • Clean and sanitize before and after all gatherings.


We commit to providing on-going communication with our congregation. We regularly use:

  • Church website – www.emorychurch.org
  • Church Facebook – Emory Church
  • Pastor Steve’s Facebook – Stephen Smith
  • Church Newsletter – Last week of each month
  • Robo-calls
  • Direct Email
  • Prayer Requests may be sent to –


Your Help Needed - Contact Information Survey - Reply to this Email

We ask that you help us to communicate with you in the manner that best meets your needs.  Please complete the survey in the information sheet below and provide contact information.  (We will not sell your information to advertisers)

As you may imagine there is a need for much planning to be able to safely manage parking, entrance and exit from the building, seating within the building and use of rest room facilities. Much of this planning hinges on how many people are planning to attend Sunday services and how we can effectively communicate to the congregation what to expect when attending church services.

The planning team would greatly appreciate each of you taking the time to complete and return the survey below to help us with that effort.  Please email us your survey responses.

We look forward to the day that we will all be able to gather in our building.  We will work together as we transition from only virtual services, to limited numbers of people at a service, to returning to a more normal type of worship service.  In the meantime, our church is not cancelled or closed, we are deployed

Survey - Please email with your survey responses:


Note:  If more than one member of your family wishes to receive communication, please reply with all communication preference information and family member name for each.

Note: If you are in touch with other Emory Church family congregants who do not receive this email or are not on the internet, please help us by reaching out to them and asking them these questions. You can reply to us with a separate email with their information.


Your Name:  _____________________________________

What is your preferred method for the church to communicate with you: __________________________________


Email – please include your current email address.  We will be updating emails in our data base.  __________________________


US Postal Service Mail – please include your current address ____________________________________________________________________________________


Telephone/Cell Phone – please include your current area code and phone number - Home _______________________  Cell _______________________

(Note:  Even if you choose email as your preferred communication, sometimes we make automated robo calls to everyone in our database if we need to get a message out quickly on short notice, such as on a Sunday morning when church is closed for weather. Please let us know if you wish to never receive robocalls.)


Plan for Sunday Worship Service


Number Attending ________


I/we plan to attend Worship service at the Church?     ___ Yes      ____ No

How many would routinely be attending ____


I/we plan to remain at home and watch worship service on line     ___ Yes      ____ No


I/we plan to remain at home and listen to worship by phone     ___ Yes      ____ No


Number of Worship Services


If more than 50 people plan to attend worship service Emory would need to plan to hold two Sunday morning services.   If two services were needed and without yet knowing exactly what time each would start:


I/we would plan to attend the earlier service 9:00am in the sanctuary.      ___ Yes      ____ No

How many would routinely be attending  ____


I/we would plan to attend the later service at 10:30am in the Youth Center.      ___ Yes      ____ No

How many would routinely be attending ____


**We may have our first service outside to get a feel of what to expect going forward.  Please keep Emory Church in your prayers as we continue this journey we are all on and all ideas and help would be greatly appreciated.


Remember God is in Control!