Blessings Everyone!

As most of you know, we will not be back together until the first Sunday in May.  So in the mean time there are a couple of things to bring to your attention.

  1. Stay safe.  If you don’t need to go out, stay in.  If there is something you need, please let me know.  Some of the congregation has been asking me if there is anything they can do.  So if you need anything, please give a shout out.  Remember we are a Family and most important God’s family.
  2. Online giving is now available.(Thank you Susan Slattery and Mary Bostic) Go to our website and there will be a link you can click on and set that up.  Remember, the church still has expenses and they need to be taken care of.
  3. I will be starting a sermon series on the Book of James starting this Sunday March 29th at 10:00 am on Facebook live.  (Stephen Smith homepage)  The sermon series will be called “Looking in the Mirror”.  I know some of you have either read or are reading the book of James, and this Sunday we will be going verse by verse to understand who we are as Christians. I will also be posting a video message on Wednesday.
  4. Remember the church is NOT CLOSED. We are the Church.  Yes, our building is shut down, but we are the salt and light of the world.  Spend this time reintroducing your self to God’s word.  If there is any questions you may have please let me know.  You can either email or text me your questions. (443-752-3111)

Happy Resurrection Day to all of you!


Praying for all of you!

He is Risen!!

In Christ!
Pastor Steve