Advent, God came down from heaven and gave us the greatest gift of all and his name is Jesus.  We all get excited about giving and receiving gifts but the greatest gift given to us is our Salvation in Jesus Christ.

It is hard to believe that it is Christmas time. It seems just like yesterday that I just put the Christmas tree away and now I am bringing it back out again. This letter is twofold:  1. Time and 2. Gift.

Time is flying by, one minute our kids and grandkids are just toddlers and before you know it they are off to High School.  We see our loved ones here one minute and gone to be with the Lord the next.  Our lives change so rapidly and time is not on our side.  The good news we make memories that can never be taken away and we create traditions that can be handed down from generation to generation.

So where am I going with this, you are probably asking.  There is a great parallel with Time and Gift.  This precious gift of God given to us in the salvation of Jesus Christ to us and with that God has given each one of us another gift called ministry.  Ministry to be used to further the name of Jesus Christ.  So what is your gift to share with those inside and outside the body of Christ.  Time is ticking and every moment that goes by is time wasted in using your gift to bring Glory to God.  Have you prayed and asked, Lord, what do you want me to do for you?

The Bible says in 1 Peter 4: 10:  “As each one has received a special gift, employ it in serving one another as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.”  Or simply put from The Message, 1 Peter 4: 7-11:  “Everything in the world is about to be wrapped up, so take nothing for granted. Stay wide-awake in prayer. Most of all, love each other as if your life depended on it. Love makes up for practically anything. Be quick to give a meal to the hungry, a bed to the homeless – cheerfully. Be generous with the different things God gave you, passing them around so all get in on it: if words, let it be God’s words; if help, let it be God’s hearty help. That way, God’s bright presence will be evident in everything through Jesus, and he’ll get all the credit as the One mighty in everything—encores to the end of time. Oh, yes!”

So this Christmas let us remember the special gift that God gave you and use it for the Glory of God and not let time slip away because someone needs to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ.  Use your gift and you will see the fruit that will come from it.  So step up to the plate and start swinging and open your heart to use your gift in God’s house and beyond.

We earn our position in heaven by what we do here on earth.  All gifts are worked for before we receive them, and a heavenly gift is the greatest. Our time is passing us by and we need to realize where we would like to be in the end.  God is our Father and Jesus our Lord are we being a good representation of being a Child of God?

It is an honor and a privilege to be your Pastor and from me and my family we wish all of you a very Happy and Blessed Christmas!  What a family we have here at Emory and I pray more would become part of God’s family by what we do here at Emory.  Let’s Keep it Real Church and Keep on Praying!

In Christ!

Pastor Steve