“The Walk”:  Where are you on your walk?

  1. Am I trusting in Jesus Christ alone to mature me?
  2. Am I reminding myself that I have already been justified, cleansed and forgiven?
  3. How have I been deceived into self-efforts? How am I relaying on his strength?
  4. Am I living out of who God says that I am?
  5. Am I focused more on my behavior or the one who transforms me?
  6. Am I focused on what I must do or what Jesus has done?

For the past several months in the bulletin you have seen “The Walk”. Hopefully you have been asking yourself or talking to others on what this is. As Christians it is so vitally important to continually feed our hearts and mind with God’s word. So what better way to do this is to form Small Groups.

What I am asking is for people to open their homes with groups of no more than 12 to meet on a regular basis. That could be once a week or twice a month etc. You can use a workbook or just use God’s word during your small group meetings. I have plenty of resources that you could use. Another reason to do this is not only to get closer to God but to get closer to one another. FELLOWSHIP!!

There will be a sign up sheet in the narthex for anyone who would like to offer their home for these small groups. This can also be done for our youth so they can meet and study God’s word and fellowship with one another.

Please pray and realize how important this is for your spiritual growth. Remember this is how the church started in Acts 2 and this is how the church grew then and can now. See Sheryl Smith Small Group Coordinator for information.

In Christ!

Pastor Steve