I am so grateful to God for this opportunity of worship and praise to Almighty God, with believers who know that God is really good to all of us.

During this past week, as I tried to concentrate on the discipline of Lent in my own life, I came to realize that there are so many distractions that get in the way of finding that “secret place”.  I realized that there had to be an intentional effort of finding that precious time with God; utilizing it to the fullest, because of the awaiting distractions which only try to take my attention away from God.

It is my prayer that you make that special effort of spending some precious time with God, so you can listen to God speak to you.  You may have to get up very early, or wait until there is a sense of quiet in your home.  Whenever that time is available, take advantage of it.  Yes, “have a little talk with Jesus.”  Commune with God!  Taste and see that the Lord is good!

Church family, I pray for you.  I desire that your relationship with God is secure.  No one can save you but God.  Mother, father, sister, or brother can’t save you; only Jesus.  I urge you to find time; rather make the time to spend precious moments with God.  You may have to turn the TV off, refuse to use social media for a time, and even not being on the phone.  Your time, your relationship, and worship of God can only enhance your spiritual life.

In Christ!

Pastor Steve